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Feeling Financially Anxious? Take one Forecast and Call Me in the Morning.

This month I wrote about the anxiety many people feel towards their financial future. I shared that most families don’t have much of a plan and worry about things out of ignorance. With a plan in place, a family knows where they stand and what’s reasonable to make things better. While they might not like the look of the numbers, at least the … [Read more...]

Ask a Question and be a Fool for a Minute. Don’t Ask and be One for Life.

Can you answer the four toughest questions in your personal finances? To live the retirement I want: How much do I need to save each year until retirement? How much rate of return do I need to earn on my savings? At what age can I stop working and retire? If my savings fall short, how much of a hit will I take to my retirement budget? If you … [Read more...]