Market Timing — Out To Getcha?

Who wouldn’t want to buy stocks when they’re cheap and sell them when their prices peak! But, if it were that easy, everyone would get in on the act. The truth is, timing the buying and selling of investments to coincide with market highs and lows is difficult — if not impossible — to pull off. Even experts have a hard time accurately and … [Read more...]

None of Us is as Smart as All of Us*

From breaking ground to completion, it took a mere 410 days to construct one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The Empire State Building stands as perhaps the greatest example of what can be achieved when a group of diverse individuals combine their knowledge to maximize efficiency. Over 3,000 architects, masons, steelworkers, electricians, … [Read more...]

Investing by Gender: Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus?

It’s been said that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.  This notion, posited by author John Gray, Ph.D., in his bestselling book of the same name, speaks to the differences in the way that men and women interact with one another on a social level. According to Gray, men and women are as different as beings from two totally different … [Read more...]

Rebalancing Act

Global diversification gives investors a valuable tool for managing risk and volatility in a portfolio.  But smart diversification has an important side effect. It requires maintenance. In a given period, asset classes experience divergent performance.  This is inevitable and, in fact, desirable.  However, dissimilar performance also changes the … [Read more...]

Behavioral Finance: Are We Ruled by Emotion?

If asked, most people would probably say they are rational individuals who make wise decisions. Indeed, logical thinking and prudent behavior are the norm for the majority of people in most instances.  Unfortunately, when it comes to money management, people who are otherwise rational often tend to act irrationally, and this tendency is quite … [Read more...]

I Went on a 2 Week Diet and All I Lost was 14 Days!

I went on a 2 week diet and all I lost was 14 days! – anonymous You can’t avoid hearing them on the TV, the radio, and seeing them in your magazines… Weight Loss Solutions!  We are bombarded by pictures and testimonials on how weight loss programs helped someone lose 10, 20, even 50 lbs or more, in only a few short weeks without lifting a … [Read more...]

oh, see the storm is threatening…

oh, see the storm is threatening my very life today if i don't get some shelter yeah, i'm gonna fade away These lyrics from the famous English rock band say so much. In our business of helping clients with their personal finances, we keep a close eye on our government’s tax policies. We are indeed facing a storm of new taxes that are … [Read more...]

“I did NOT have Three Thousand Pairs of Shoes…”

"I did NOT have Three Thousand Pairs of Shoes..., I had One Thousand and Sixty" This quote from Imelda Marcos strikes many as one of the pinnacles of opulence in our time. It strikes me as an example of how a person’s “perspective” shapes their world. When it comes to shoes, one person sees 1,060 pairs as a reasonable number until they can find … [Read more...]

Procrastination and a Jelly Doughnut

You know you shouldn’t, but you do. You procrastinate. It might be a function of too much to do, a bad behavioral habit, or simply a lack of education on what procrastination really costs. Let’s say you pick up a bad dose of poison oak on Saturday and you are flying to the East Coast on Tuesday morning. Are you going to put off the doctor’s visit … [Read more...]

Cotton Candy and Chocolate Milk – Yum Yum

Spring time is amusement park time. As a kid, how fun was it to run into the park, grab some cotton candy and chocolate milk before your parents got your day organized? Then it was off to the rides. A drive around the Autopia, a ride through the Small World, and then to the Matterhorn! We all remember having a great time sprinting as fast as we … [Read more...]