oh, see the storm is threatening…

oh, see the storm is threatening my very life today if i don't get some shelter yeah, i'm gonna fade away These lyrics from the famous English rock band say so much. In our business of helping clients with their personal finances, we keep a close eye on our government’s tax policies. We are indeed facing a storm of new taxes that are … [Read more...]

“I did NOT have Three Thousand Pairs of Shoes…”

"I did NOT have Three Thousand Pairs of Shoes..., I had One Thousand and Sixty" This quote from Imelda Marcos strikes many as one of the pinnacles of opulence in our time. It strikes me as an example of how a person’s “perspective” shapes their world. When it comes to shoes, one person sees 1,060 pairs as a reasonable number until they can find … [Read more...]

Procrastination and a Jelly Doughnut

You know you shouldn’t, but you do. You procrastinate. It might be a function of too much to do, a bad behavioral habit, or simply a lack of education on what procrastination really costs. Let’s say you pick up a bad dose of poison oak on Saturday and you are flying to the East Coast on Tuesday morning. Are you going to put off the doctor’s visit … [Read more...]

Feeling Financially Anxious? Take one Forecast and Call Me in the Morning.

This month I wrote about the anxiety many people feel towards their financial future. I shared that most families don’t have much of a plan and worry about things out of ignorance. With a plan in place, a family knows where they stand and what’s reasonable to make things better. While they might not like the look of the numbers, at least the … [Read more...]

Ask a Question and be a Fool for a Minute. Don’t Ask and be One for Life.

Can you answer the four toughest questions in your personal finances? To live the retirement I want: How much do I need to save each year until retirement? How much rate of return do I need to earn on my savings? At what age can I stop working and retire? If my savings fall short, how much of a hit will I take to my retirement budget? If you … [Read more...]