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Beatrice and Mark have been happily married for 24 years and have been involved in finance for most of their careers. Beatrice studied Chemical Engineering as an undergrad and International Business Managment as a graduate student. Mark studied Finance as an undergrad and then International Business Managment as a graduate student. Both have a lifelong passion for understanding all things financial – investing, insurance, banking, accounting, and taxes.

When Beatrice and Mark worked in Corporate America they saw no shortage of investment advisors calling on them to become their clients. When Mark was a CEO of a new public company, he especially was called upon by most of the large brokerage firms trying to win his investment business. They both listened to all the pitches touting how they could beat the average market returns and have unique access to financial products through their particular financial institution. While the people were all professional and came recommended, none seemed too interested in anything about them as a couple, only how much of their money could be moved to their management.

They resisted the urge to chase promised returns and self-managed their finances as best they could while being busy professionals. Ten years ago when they both retired from the corporate world they took the time to study how the investment world really worked. They traveled to investment seminars around the country and listened to dozens of planning approaches and product ideas, but what they didn't find was anyone willing to start with the big picture first, build a long-term comprehensive strategy and then get to the financial products to get the job done.

Client Centered

During their travels, they were introduced to a very remarkable and successful 30-year investment and insurance advisor with a unique financial planning system. The essence of the system is to first analyze a family’s entire financial picture, then educate, then plan. This system looks at the entire family budget, insurance coverage, taxes, mortgages, debts, and investments. They were so impressed they purchased a subscription for the coaching and software license on the spot for their own personal use.

After working with the system for a few months, it became clear that looking at investments without understanding what else is being done with the family budget is short sided. What good is a 10% pretax investment return when there is a car lease costing the family 12% in after tax dollars? Do most investment advisers ask clients how they finance their cars? No they don’t, but they should!

Shortly thereafter, they made the decision to launch a different type of financial services company. One that would focus first and foremost on a family’s total financial picture, not just investments, or insurance coverage, or home mortgages, but all of these important items together.

Over the past ten years, they have found the approach so well received that they are working harder than ever to expand their business to help more family’s make the most of their financial future.

Being independent financial advisors and the Principles of an independent insurance agency and a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, they have access to the country’s leading investment and insurance products with no single providers limiting access.

The world has changed for independent advisors; there was a day when an independent suffered from the lack of support of a national broker, bank, or captive agent insurance company. Now an independent has access to most all the products from the leading financial institutions and has ‘anywhere’ real-time market information, online continuing education, Internet-based client document systems, and dynamic client communication tools (phone, webinar, e-documents). All this allows time to focus on the client and their financial future.

They are both excited to lead a firm which offers families and small business owners comprehensive financial planning and investing services.