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In 2008, Beatrice Schultz and Mark Guthrie had been happily married for more than 15 years and had enjoyed successful corporate careers. Both experienced no shortage of pitches from investment advisors longing to secure their investment business. With a lifelong passion for all things financial, Mark and Beatrice listened to the pitches in earnest, but were left dissatisfied with the impersonal nature of the offers.

They resisted the urge to chase these promises of big returns, and instead self-managed their finances. But their hunger for knowledge grew, and in 2008 they left corporate America and dove headfirst to study how the investment world really works — traveling to industry seminars and listening to dozens of planning approaches and products. Yet this discovery also left them dissatisfied. No one seemed to be looking at the holistic financial picture or a long-term, comprehensive strategy. Without that, what value would a single investment product truly provide?

It was at this moment during their travels that they met a remarkable investment and insurance advisor 30 years into his career with a unique financial planning system. The essence? Start by analyzing the client’s entire financial picture, then educate, THEN plan. This system looks at the entire household income, budget, insurance coverage, taxes, mortgages, debts and investments. It was what they’d been looking for. 

They were so impressed that they purchased a subscription for the coaching and software license on the spot for their own personal use. Their initial belief only grew financial planning without a big picture view is too short sided. What good is a 10% pretax investment return when there is a car lease costing the family 12% in after-tax dollars? They wondered: do most investment advisers ask clients how they finance their cars? If not, they certainly should!

Soon after, Beatrice and Mark made the leap to launch a different type of financial services company — one that would focus first and foremost on a family’s total financial picture. Today, as independent financial advisors, as well as the principles of an independent insurance agency and a registered investment advisory firm, Westface Financial advisors have access to the country’s leading investment and insurance products with no single providers limiting their access. 

Beatrice and Mark co-led Westface Financial from 2008-2020. With Mark’s passing in 2020, Beatrice continues the legacy of the company’s origin and values, offering comprehensive financial planning that empowers every client to confidently achieve their financial goals.